Monday, March 22, 2010


I love Springtime. It's so refreshing to watch the grass turn green and the flowers bloom. Coy loves to play outside and I love it too. When it's cold or rainy out, it's so hard for a two year old to contain their energy inside all day. So, thank God for the sunshine!

After surviving a weekend of yucky weather and a few days of strep throat, we went out to the park and played with cousin Colby, Aunt Steph, and Grandma C today. Coy loves Colby and they are two of a kind. They follow each other around and have so much fun. The park is great for Coy and his physical therapy...all the climbing and different levels and the steps. So, it's a win win for me. Coy plays and has fun and dispenses all his energy to get ready for his afternoon nap and momma gets some Vitamin D.

My sister Stephanie is currently 23 weeks pregnant...with another BOY! That makes 6 boys and 2 girls on my side of the family...and 3 boys and 1 girl on Chris's side. Poor Cydney will never have a boyfriend with all those boys around her. ;)

this is a motorized motorcycle...he rides it all over the yard...all over. He's crazy. ;)
this was last week...he was picking grass and putting on his cyd's head...brothers, i tell ya.

I'm really excited about the March for Babies walk next month. We'll be designing our "TEAM COY" t-shirt soon. Let me know ( if you are interested in purchasing one. Thanks to everyone who have donated to March of Dimes in Coy's name! We've raised over $700 so far (although it doesn't show on my bar for some reason)...we are so appreciative of the love & support!


  1. Can't say enough how absolutely adorable Cydney is. She is just gorgeous. And Coy's face riding his motorcycle...priceless.

  2. I love that Coy has a bottle in the cup holder on his motorcycle! :)