Friday, August 20, 2010

a long week.

We've had quite the week.  On Sunday night Coy started coughing.  He kept coughing and coughing and coughing.  Nothing was making it stop.  I desperately wanted to wait until his Pediatrician opened because I HATE taking him to doctors that don't know him.  But, it was to a point that I didn't think we could wait another couple hours.  SO off to the ER we went.  Long story short, he was diagnosed with possible pneumonia/bronchiolitis and we stayed overnight in the hospital. 

In the meantime, Cydney started running fever late Sunday and was seen by the Pediatrician on Monday.  She was diagnosed with flu and strep (which Coy tested negative for).  I couldn't believe it!  I felt terrible that I couldn't be in two places at once.  It is terrible when both babies get sick at the same time.

Thank God ( we have been secluded for the rest of the week except for the Starbucks drive thru) both babies are feeling much better.  I hope we can stay as healthy as possible...having sick babies is not fun! 

We were playing in the house yesterday and I thought I'd practice a bit with the camera.  I told Cydney to smile and she put her hand to her ear and said "Hi".  She loves to pretend she's on the phone.  Everytime I'm on the phone with her close by she says "bye bye" before I can even hang up.  She also says baby, bubba, ball, book, night night, more, momma, dadda, and no-no.  It's so bizarre for us to hear all this after having Coy who we have to pry words out of.  Isn't she adorable?

Coy's speech has really developed and he is putting more and more together.  He loves to say "Hi Nana, Hi Papa."  Precious.  I just can't get over how amazing he is.  I mean he melts my heart just looking at him.  Being in the hospital with him again was really tough on Chris & I; mentally, physically, emotionally.  All those helpless feelings of his NICU days are still so raw.  Coy missed Cydney so much during those 24 hours.  He kept asking for about heartbreaking!  He really loves her so much and it was tough having them apart.  I was so HAPPY to get out of there early the next day.

Anway--I told him to give me his best smile in the picture below...and that's what I got.  I am obviously ruining my chances of getting any good photos of him when he gets older.   And he smiles and laughs all day long.  I think he's tired of being mommy's practice subject.  Ha! 

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