Saturday, October 9, 2010

language explosion.

I can't believe this guy is growing up so fast.  I adore this face.
Over the past few weeks, he's hit a language explosion.  Something we've been praying and hoping for the past year.  He is repeating us and attempting (I say 'attempting' because it's not always clear what he's saying) so many words that he never would try before.  It's amazing for us to hear and we are so excited and thankful. 

Off to put the little dude to bed or I'd write more...maybe another day!  :)


  1. He really has!!! I've been so impressed the last few times I've been around him. He's adorable!

  2. hey girl i love hte new blog look, i am thinking of upgrading my lens and was wondering what camera you have and what lens is your fav. i have a canon and ps. i lOVE photoshop, it makes up for a lot of money that is needed to buy a super fancy lens if you know how to use it well! The kids looks so big and beautiful!! *Keri*