Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Colby's 2nd Birthday!

I'm a few weeks behind blogging this, but we headed to the Aquarium for Colby's 2nd birthday!
 Macey girl was excited!
 Look at those curls...;)
 Supermodel face.
 The birthday boy!

 Birthday boy with mommy
That's all for now...hope all is well!


  1. AnnMarie,

    Hi, i just found your blog and absolutely love the photos that you take! The cute kids help, too, I am sure!

    I could not help myself and went back in history to see the other photos and learn more about your kiddos...and I have a question, please:

    in one of your posts you write about buying 6 pairs of jeans (i don't blame you, i have twin boys, we need lots of clothes, too!) and in one of the photos, your cute son has a brown leather belt on...would you recall where you got the belt from?

    my boys are very skinny boys...at 28 months, they are just 22 and 23lb (not super preemie, just very thin boys) and belts are always good...i would love to find one similar to coy's...

    thanks much! take care, esther

  2. Hi Esther!
    So sorry it's taken me so long to respond! So glad you found the blog. I found the belt at Baby Gap. It looks so cute with jeans. I love Baby Gap! Hope that helps and you find a belt for your boys, too! Coy has been so thin but recently has really started to eat well and is gaining some weight. Whoohoo! ;)

    Ann Marie

  3. ann marie, thank you very much for replying! i love baby gap, too...it's a good thing that i don't have girls, though!

    thanks again and i am looking forward to new photos of your gorgeous family...and stories! esther