Saturday, April 17, 2010

9 months

Another month has whizzed by and our princess is now 9 months old. She is crawling everywhere and pulling up too. She is a busy little lady and is already so active. She adores her brother (when he's not trying to ride her like a horse, that is) and laughs at him all the time. She loves her mommy (okay, I'm a bit biased) and loves for mommy to carry her around all day long. She is filling out size 12 month clothes and looks adorable in all her outfits. She is babbling and saying 'bababa' and 'dadadada'. She thinks keys are the perfect teether although mommy begs to differ.

We still can't believe she's ours. Our hearts are overjoyed.
Happy 9 months, baby girl. We love you.


  1. She's beautiful!! Happy 9 months!!

  2. She's beautiful! I hope to meet her ( and Coy) someday!

  3. She is so GORGEOUS like her Mommy! Happy 9 months Cydney!!