Thursday, April 8, 2010


Guess who decided they were big enough to do this?

Yep, yep...this crazy girl. After I caught her like this, we lowered her mattress. She now thinks her crib is a play pen. She has the best time talking to her sleep sheep and just giggles and laughs. I don't remember giving her permission to grow up?

She's my doll. At the grocery store today, a woman came up to me and said, "oh she's cute....(pause)...they're always cute when they're fat." I just smiled and replied, "yep, they sure are." I know what she meant and wasn't offended by any means. I thought it was pretty funny, actually. I usually get that she's "plump" "round" or "healthy". She's absolutely perfect.

Easter was great for us. We are really blessed to have both sides of our immediate family within 10 minutes of each other. We spent the morning with the Kolkhorst side, then finished up at my parents. We did Easter egg hunts on both sides...Coy wasn't quite feeling it this year. He was more interested in throwing balls and eggs filled with candy into his Grandparents's pools.

He was feeling a bit under the weather that day {he had horrible allergies that were causing him to wheeze badly} and it always makes me worry. Monday we headed to the pediatrician and he was started on a inhaler and steroid. He's doing much better, thank goodness.

In my opinion, these pictures aren't good, but the kids looked adorable in their Easter clothes so I'll post them. ;)

Does it get any cuter? Coy and Ryder with Grandma K.... With Ryder and Eli... I loved, loved her in this dress. Although, I do not have one good picture of her in it. The kiddos with my mom, Grandma C. This was right before we went home and to bed. Can't you tell??

And, we did not even attempt a group cousin shot on my side...there are 7 (Coy is the oldest, believe it or not) soon to be 8. That will be mission impossible for a good 10 years. ;)

My computer has been throwing a tantrum lately. I literally couldn't get it to turn on for 4 days. And, if I move it one centimeter, it turns off again. I have no idea what's wrong. I'm ready for a new one.

I know, this was a bunch of random, useless info. I'm tired. Good night!

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  1. I can't believe how big your kiddos are getting! Soon little Cyd will be climbing out of her crib :-)