Tuesday, November 9, 2010

family photos

 My S-I-L asked me to take some pics of her family to replace some other ones that were taken by an actual professional long before baby Eli was born.  I said I'd gladly do it because a)I love them and b) I love to take pictures.  So, I ventured out and I think I was in a bit over my head.  Kudos to the professionals that capture ALL the family members looking in the split second that it happens.  I mean, geez, that was tough.  I definitely needed a 'baby look at me person' standing behind me.  Next time, next time.  I got some great photos, however, either a) someone was looking off or b) my focus was off because my f/stop was too low or my focal point thing was acting up.  On my wish list for Christmas is a new camera, but I will most likely be using the one I have for awhile longer.  No big deal, it still works. ;)  So, these are a few that I got...not great photography, but cute people.  Enjoy! :)

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