Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy (Golden) Birthday, Coy!

It hardly seems possible that our baby-turned-big-boy is celebrating 3 years of life today.  The days, weeks, and months of the past three years have flown by.  From the moment of Coy's birth, we were bombarded with all that could go wrong with him, with all that would be wrong with him.  Today he is healed...perfect in each and every way.  Through all the blur and commotion, the fear and anxiety, we were held by God, our families, and friends.  They continue to bless us with their support, love, and  prayer.

You have grown up so much over the past year, months, and weeks.  You are beyond what we could have ever of dreamed our son would be.  Each milestone you have met, each challenge you have overcome. You are earned your 'Gritbaby' title, as daddy likes to call you.  Through it all, you are gifted with the sweetest heart, brightest eyes, and a glowing grin. 

Your sister is your everything and you are her's.  You look out for her, play with her, hug and kiss her; you are an amazing big brother.  You love your cousins and would play with them everyday if you could.  You have always adored your Grandmas, but you are really idolizing your Papas now too. 

You continue to bless us, amaze us, and bring us to our knees in gratitude.  Each and everyday is a gift.  You are a gift.  We are so proud, so thankful.  We love you forever and ever.

Daddy, Mommy, and Tissy.

your new 'smile'.

best friends



  1. he is truly a miracle...

    happy birthday coy!

  2. Happy 3rd Birthday Coy! I hope you have many wonderful birthdays! What darling pictures of two adorable children!

  3. Your children are beautiful as are your pictures. What lenses do you use? I am in the market of buying after Christmas and am so confused on what to get!!

  4. Happy 3rd Birthday, Coy!!! Wecome to Club Tres!!!

  5. Hey Jen...
    Fist, sorry it's taken me so long to respond to you! Secondly, I use my Nikon 50mm/1.4 most of the time. I have a 35/1.8 which is good also...less expensive and more functional for everyday use.
    I don't know much else...hope to help you some! :)

    ~Ann Marie