Thursday, September 8, 2011

End of Summer

So I know I was going to update more over the past few months.  And it didn't happen.  Oh well.  I'm back, again.

We had a fantastic summer and survived the scorching heat here in Texas.  It was beyond H-O-T.  I think we set a record for hottest few months ever.  Any who, we had fun while doing that.  We swam a bunch, shopped some, played most, and napped quite a bit. 

In July, Cydney turned TWO and me, THIRTY!  We had a backyard family barbecue and had a great time.  Chris and I flew the Las Vegas for a quick getaway the next day.  It was amazingly relaxing. 

Coy had a minor surgery done mid August and he recovered fantastically.  His speech is improving daily.  The Lord is so good.  My boy is so handsome. 

We decided back in July to take our house off the market.  I was praying for direction and overwhelmed with all the decisions.  The Lord placed it on our hearts that we were to stay put.  I think I secretly wanted that, but was trying to be obedient.  But then realized it wasn't suppose to happen.  Make sense?  Okay good.  :)  We are so happy we stayed.  I am so thankful for His direction during that stressful time. 

Both kiddos started MDO last week.  They both LOVE it beyond words.  I had such mixed emotions on the first couple days, but I have to admit the time to myself is nice.  Okay, it is REALLY nice. Nothing better than babies loving their time at school and momma getting all my errands run kid free.  The consumers at H-E-B and Target can all thank me later.  :)

Here are some pics from the past few months.  I haven't picked the camera up much this summer nor have I edited those that I did take.  My computer got low on disc space and I just let it sit for awhile.  But I'm excited to get back to snapping.  :)  Hope it was a blessed summer for all!  Happy Fall & Football! 

Yes, he has on a pink life jacket.  It was one of two we had.  Cousin Colby got the blue one.  :)
First fish at Nana & Papa's beach house!

These aren't good photos of the first day of school...ugh.  But whatever, you get the picture.  :)

 Me being silly. I've always wanted to do that. 

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