Sunday, September 18, 2011


On Saturday, we began a new journey of this thing called parenthood.  We are now officially 'soccer parents'.  And love it.  It was such a blast to watch Coy & friends/cousins play their first ever game.  Of course it's through the YMCA and just for fun.  He did great and had an amazing time doing it  Here are a few pics of the first big game.  I guess we can officially kiss our weekends goodbye.  He he, just kidding.  I guess not just yet...:)

 Cydney was so proud of big brother...
 T, Coy, Ryder, and Chase

 He thought being goalie was "time out".  :)

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  1. They are precious! What a great little team he has! I love the pic of Coy and Chase holding hands!