Wednesday, February 3, 2010

average wednesday

Coy had gymnastics again tonight. He really enjoys it and does so well (most of the time). He's been really scared of the trampoline, but he actually liked it today. I was really proud to see him stand and attempt to jump rather than drop to his knees and try to get off of it. He's making progress and that's awesome. He's the only boy in a class of 12...and he's already kissed 2 of the girls. A few times. Our son is definitely an affectionate kid.

Terrible twos seems to be in full effect in our house. He has been in (what we call) 'destroyer' mode. He can make the house seem as though a tornado has struck in about 5 minutes. I love his curiosity and exploration and I don't want to kill his will for it, but I also don't want to repack my cabinets, closets, and drawers every few hours. We're still working on the discipline has been a trying experience for us. Time out was effective at one point, but now it seems as though he just thinks it's funny. Oh, the joys of parenthood. ;)

Tried to get some natural light photos of this doll today... I missed on one with the bad shadows and funky limb chomp. Still struggling with b/w conversions as well. Well, actually, I'm struggling with lots in photography, but I guess that's why I'm just an amateur trying to teach myself! That's what practice is for, I suppose.

Off to brush my little dude with his sensory brush. He loves it and it calms him down. Thank goodness for that.


  1. She is beautiful Ree!! So glad you all are doing so well!! I wish I had some advise for the preschool thing, but I don't just know that it is hard to drop them off, it is harder to walk away, but after you start seeing their growth it is all worth it!!

  2. Hi AnnMarie - I have posted a few times. I added your blog to my Google Reader back when Coy was a baby and have been keeping up with you since. Hope you don't mind! I am Tim's cousin and I met you at Ryder's 1st birthday party. Anyways, I am really into photography. It's been a huge, huge hobby of mine for over two years. I really love the recent pictures you have posted. If you ever want to talk photography, please feel free to email me at rachelkhoury at gmail dot com. I will also be moving back to Houston in March and if you are ever interested in getting together to talk camera stuff, just let me know! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!