Tuesday, February 2, 2010

fresh start

I am needing a fresh blog start...so I decided that I would start anew. I love prayforcoy and it's not going anywhere, but I think it was holding me back a bit. I feel it's purpose now is to give encouragement and hope to those who are facing the impossible. I love how many emails and comments we get about how it's inspiring to others with preemies. It's humbling and I am so thankful that we could/can provide that. But, I want to blog more from our 'family' aspect and a new blog sounded like the solution for me. So...from here on I think I'll document our life on this blog and leave prayforcoy as is. sound good? Don't hate me.

I also want to be more open and spontaneous with blogging. I am actually a very reserved/quiet person so the fact that people were reading my thoughts kinda made me self conscious about it. Now, I'm just wanting to document our lives and invite you to read if you so desire. I mean, we're boring people, but I know that everyone wants to keep up with the kiddos and I understand that.

Today we toured our 2ND preschool...and I didn't like it. It seemed cluttered and disorganized and chaotic. Not an environment I want to send my easily overstimulated sensory issued kid into. So, the search continues on. Still praying about it.

Coy had OT today and did great. I expressed all our concerns to our OT and she agreed with things that I've seen. His transitioning has been just awful...I mean terribly awful. Getting into a car seat looks like a wrestling match between him and I. Let's just say it's not pretty. I literally have to hold him down with one hand and somehow get the strap hooked and then do the other side. It seems that Chris allowed Coy to sit on his lap the other day (while the car was off, duh!) and play with the steering wheel. So, now, every time we get into the car, that's what he wants to do. Yes, almost every time. It makes going places the past few days absolutely no fun. I looked at Chris the other night as Coy was jumping on our bed at 1030 and said, "this has to get better right?" Don't answer that.

Cydney is the most precious beautiful angel I've ever seen. She is so chubby and round (16.5 lbs at 6 months). She is so happy and so dramatic at the same time. She can go from this...

to this...
....in a matter of a few nanoseconds. All woman, I tell ya.

She loves to be talked to. She loves to be held. She loves to bounce and jump. I still look at her and am amazed that she's mine. All mine. Well, Chris's too. But you know what I mean. I could just kiss and cuddle with her all day. I want to freeze time. They grow too darn fast.

Don't you just want to squeeze her?
And, BTW, it's literally impossible for me to get a good picture of Coy these days, hence lack of good pictures of him lately. Not because I favor Cydney, but the girl has no choice but to sit and pose for me. For now, at least.


  1. i've heard great things about wee wuns preschool on cypress n. houston. have y'all looked there yet? One of our neighbors has a kiddo with issues that fall under the autuism umbrella and he went there for a while and they loved it. cydney is too cute! i love those little rolls!!!

  2. I love your new blog - I've been "following" you since Coy was first born. Have you tried using Coy's sensory brush before you get in the car? Does it calm him down? I would love it if you would do a post about that. (I'm working on my Master's in early childhood special education.) I am sure you'll find the right preschool for your little man. Your little princess is adorable!

  3. I got Liam in Primrose...and We truly love it there... Liam was really quiet and now he's talking non stop... you may want to stop by and check it out... they are also very clean with careful with everything... Hope it helps... Esperanza

  4. Obviously I know and understand that Coy has more complicated things than my 2 year old, but I just wanted to give you some reassurance that even with all you have to deal with with Coy, a lot of us with full term kiddos go thru the same thing! Jace arches his back, screams, hits, etc. at times when getting in the car. It's a habit thing I/we started (such as allowing them to sit, climb, etc in the car) and it's something that has to be retaught. (at least for me!) Now I try to make it a game about who (between the two boys) can get in their seat and buckled first. Since you have Cydney who can't buckle herself (ha!) try to see if you can play with Coy and say "mama is gonna get in her seat first! Can you do it faster?" Maybe it will change the tone and make it fun to get in his seat faster....

    I'm not trying to advise you on how to do things, I'm just trying to put ideas out there that might help or might be something you haven't thought of or tried. It doesn't ALWAYS work for me, but it's def. something to distract Jace from wanting to associate getting in his seat with "bad" or something he doesn't want to do. Just wanted to try to help! =) I know how stressful it can be when you can't see the end!! ha....

    And yes, it WILL get better, eventually.....

  5. I can't believe how much Cydney is growing. She is so adorable. Keep your head up...things are bound to get better soon!

  6. Love the new blog. Your family remains in my prayers. And I just have to add that I LOVE the pictures of Cydney. You are becoming quite the photographer.

  7. I love the picture of Coy and Cydney--too cute! I look forward to reading your new blog!


  8. I think I need to email you about SID. Jill was diagnosed with ADHD two years ago, but I have always felt that wasn't quite the right diagnosis. I read some about SID last night after I saw your post on it. Now, I am wondering if this isn't what is going on with Jill. Anyway...when I have more time, I am going to bombard you with an email about it all! I know you are looking forward to that! Ha!

    Also, Jill did well in a Montessori classroom. Of course what school it is matters, but they tend to be quieter, calmer enviornments. Just a thought.