Monday, February 8, 2010

a big thank you... all of you that have continued to follow our story and offered your love, encouragement, and advice. I deeply, sincerely appreciate every last word you write.

I haven't quite figured out how to answer questions left in the comments section. I feel so rude that it takes me days to reply, and at times, I completely whiff-out and forget altogether. So please excuse my tardiness if you've asked me a question or wanted more specific information and it seems as though I've disappeared. I haven't and I've been thinking about you. ;)

Coy has been MUCH better with the car seat the past couple days. If my memory serves me correctly, there was only one wrestling match between the two of us. And, sure enough, it was Friday morning...the morning that we were rushing out the door and his sensory brush was made up into the bed somewhere. A bed that I was unwilling to unmake.

Honestly though, I haven't been brushing him prior to getting into the car. I've found that he really responds to joint compressions (like almost immediately) and it's been a life-saver.

Also, per our OT, I've been verbalizing to him our schedule of events--and I break it down into smaller increments rather than the entire day. For example, "Coy, mommy is going to take off your pajamas, change your diaper, then put on your pants and a shirt." And, that can even be overwhelming for him. But it has helped a TON for him to know what is about to happen. I have found that when he is having an off moment, it decreases his resistance to the task and he actually wants to help.

I ordered a few items (a weighted vest and blanket) that I'm hoping will help with some of his sensory needs. I was talking to his ST today and we were discussing just how FAR Coy has come from a year ago when it seemed his SID was rearing it's ugly head. He has actually become much more calm and organized.

Where we're still needing more intervention and the level of concern is higher, is in a large group of people or in an environment where he is easily overstimulated (duh!). Chris and I have noticed for a while that 'our' Coy at home is a different Coy in a crowded or busy environment. At home, he is happy, giggling, laughing, playing independently, lovable kid (majority of the time, anyway). However, in a place where he is having trouble focusing, he avoids eye contact, is constantly whining or fussy, seeking comfort and wanting to be held (usually from his Grandparents if they are there), and is very fidgety. It was very frustrating to me because I could not figure out why this was happening...and it seems like a light turned on recently and it all is making sense now.

My hope is that a weighted vest will aid in organizing himself so that we don't see such a contrast in the two environments. Even if the vest adds a little help to him, it'll be worth it. And, obviously, I know that having SID, it will be a struggle for him for awhile. I don't think a weighted vest will be a cure-all by any means. It'll take therapy, hard work, and God's will for him to improve those neurosensory connections that cause him to seem 'out-of-it' in a busy place.

Good news today was that his recent (and only) EEG came back normal. I was very nervous when the Neurologist's office called. Praise God!

And, finally, here are more nature walk pics. Enjoy!


  1. Just want to say that you're such a great mom, trying your best to help with Coy's development. Also, your camera takes awesome pictures. What camera do you have, if you don't mind me asking?

  2. you will have to let us know how the vest works! I am debating over ordering a suit for elle - i can't for the life of me remember what the name is...she uses it in therapy and it seems to really help with all her sensory issues. i'm trying to get it covered by insurance but I will probably just have to break down and order it. do y'all go to the little gym for gymnastics? her therapist today told me to get elle involved at the little gym in copperfield to help with some developmental/sensory issues. hope you like the nature trails! we used to ride bikes and the 4 wheeler back there before they were finished. they are gorgeous!

  3. I have a Nikon D60...I do love it, but it has taken awhile for me to get the hang of it. It shoots great in Automatic, but I try only using the Manual mode if possible. And, plus, I use Photoshop to touch-up and brighten the colors at times. :)

    Coy goes to Cypress Academy for's awesome there! I've heard Little Gym is good too. I will let you know how the vest works...hope it was a good investment. Where is Elle in therapy?

  4. We do therapy through TCH on 1960. ECI wasn't enough for me to feel like Elle would get any benefit. We just got bumped up to twice a week for pt and twice a week for ot. I'm hoping that the extra days will really help Elle out...that and I need to get her around kiddos who are crawling/sitting so she can see what they are doing and get inspired to do it herself!